Modern Medicine Saves Lives Every Day
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Modern Medicine Saves Lives Every Day

I have had diabetes my entire life, and I am very thankful for the fact that modern medical discoveries have helped me live a happy, healthy life despite my disease. I have had to watch what I eat and take medications daily for most of my life, and while i used to feel like I was "missing out" when other children were able to eat sugary candy and I wasn't, I eventually learned that sugar-free candy tastes great. I am always keeping up on the latest diabetes research, and while researching, I have also learned about many other diseases and ailments and how they are treated and controlled. I know others are too busy to browse a bunch of medical websites, like I like to do, so I decided to start a blog that others can visit that contains information on a variety of medical topics all in one place!


Modern Medicine Saves Lives Every Day

  • Helpful Information About High Blood Pressure

    2 November 2017

    Do you get dizzy at random times and have no idea why it happens? Dizziness can point to a number of health conditions being present, but high blood pressure is one of the most common conditions. Even if you don't think that you have high blood pressure, it is a good idea to make an appointment to find out. High blood pressure isn't the kind of health condition that should be taken lightly, as it can be life-threatening if it isn't kept under control.

  • Men, Are You Trying To Gain Your Self Confidence Back?

    10 October 2017

    Are you going through hard changes in your life? Perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe you've recently gone through a divorce. For whatever reason you have experienced difficulties, you might have also felt that you have lost the self confidence you used to take for granted. From a frank evaluation to getting testosterone therapy, here are some ideas that might help you to gain your self confidence back. Evaluate Yourself -

  • What Supplements Can Improve Your Gut Health?

    24 September 2017

    If you find yourself dealing with digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, excess gas, or intestinal distress on a weekly or even daily basis, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of going on an "elimination diet" or changing your lifestyle to determine what may be the driver of your digestive issues. However, in some cases, simply adding some supplements to your regular diet may be enough to rebalance your gut bacteria and improve your health.

  • Expose Those Toes! 4 Good Reasons To Let Your Little One Go Barefooted

    29 August 2017

    If you've got young children, you're probably constantly fighting a battle to keep shoes and socks securely in place. While keeping shoes and socks on your child may keep their feet cleaner, there may be fewer benefits than you thought. In fact, letting your child go barefooted is actually more beneficial for them, especially when they're at home. Here are just four of the reasons why bare is best: Strengthens Feet and Legs

  • Should You Wait To Have Varicose Veins Treated?

    3 August 2017

    One of the most damaging misconceptions about varicose veins is that women who are still planning to have children should wait to receive care until after they have finished having children. However, delaying treatment could lead to complications. There are several options for treating varicose veins that are safe and effective. If you have varicose veins, here is what you need to know. Why Get Treated Now? If you are waiting to get treatment for varicose veins, you could experience significant discomfort down the road.